Shipping and Delivery

1.Trucking and Shipping 

We promises to provide you with the best-in-class shopping experience at every step of the way. We assure you that all due precautions are taken so that your package is delivered to you intact and on time by our delivery partner. Just proceed with your order and we’ll do the rest.

Tracking my order

You can track your order in two ways:
Clicking on the 'track your order' link given in your order confirmation email, or
By logining in your account on this page

Click here for information about expected delivery timeline. In case you face any difficulty, you can email us anytime at or call us at 0721 992 106

Please Note

Making payment means accepting the delivery. Therefore, it is not possible to open products bearing a manufacturer’s seal, reject and send them back with the same driver (this can only be done before opening the package). Should you wish to return such products, you will have to follow the return process as defined in our return policy here

2. Delivery 

Delivery Times

  • The delivery time starts from the day you place your order to the day one of our delivery associates makes a first attempt to deliver to you.
  • Business days are from Monday to Friday, and do not include weekends or public holidays. For example a Platinum order placed on Monday for ZONE A will arrive between Tuesday and Friday. The same order placed on Friday would arrive between Saturday and Wednesday the following week.

We have delivery options depending on your Location:

For Nairobi

-          Delivery to doorstep

This will take 2- 5 days depending on whether its FBK or Drop shipping

-          Delivery to pickup station

You can still opt to collect your package from our stores and outlets  This takes same period of 2-5 days.

For Deliveries across the country

Our customer care team will advice you on delivery and collection

Choose the most convenient and near to your location.

Deliveries will take between 3-5 days.

II. Delivery Period

After an order has been made we will call you to confirm the order and you will be informed in case payment needs to be made for the order to be confirmed.

After an order is confirmed, the delivery timelines are as follows depending on the type of products ordered for:

Type of product

Drop shipping


Global shipping


1-5 days

1-5 days

15-30 days

Across Kenya

1-5 days

1-5 days

15-30 days

III. Delivery Areas

We deliver in Nairobi and to other parts of Kenya as well.

We make deliveries in Nairobi through our riders to the customers premise or the pickup station; while the orders outside Nairobi are delivered with G4S and Wellsfargo

When making the order,you should select which company should deliver the item depending on how easy it will be for them to get the package to you or viceversa.

However, G4S and  Wellsfargo deliver countrywide.

IV. Platinum Shop

We have one Platinum shop in Thika Town which is llocated on at section two on the town.

Operating hours: MON to FRI - 0830 to 1730 Hrs. SATURDAY- 0900 to 1300 Hrs. SUNDAY - Closed